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    Can't select from foreground/background in Layer Style color picker

    srakar_sme Level 1

      Hello, I've noticed a minor issue in Photoshop CC that really messes with my workflow. Whenever I use the Color Picker from within the Layer Style window, it won't allow me to grab my currently selected foreground or background color. I can grab just about any color off the screen except for those two panels. Oftentimes I will use those two colors as a temporary storage for a color I plan to use.


      Eyedropper select a color > give an object a stroke > grab that color from my currently selected foreground.


      I was definitely able to follow this workflow in past versions of Photoshop so I don't know if this was a conscious design change or simply a bug.



      In this example screenshot, I am adding a stroke to that grey circle. I am trying to use the color picker to grab that green color that I currently have as my foreground color, but it won't let me pick it up.



      I am running Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017.1.1 Release (20170425.r.252 x64)
      My OS is Windows 10 and my graphics card is NVIDIA Quadro P5000


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!