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    Size of the .swf file

    dam85 Level 1
      Hello everybody,
      Today i installed Flex Builder on Windows XP.
      I created a new Flex Project, without any object and text. I exported the project to a .swf file

      The size of .swf is 150 KB, how is it possible? there aren't object and text rows. Is too big for a empy project, no?

      thanks for you support
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          You maybe have the Application object in there, which in turn drags in a bunch of libraries. Maybe debug info is enabled, adding another 30% to the size.

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            atta707 Level 2
            That's the difference between a simple Flash based SWF file and one based on Flex. The latter would load, first and foremost, the minimum of the Flex Framework libraries needed to run a Flex app. The minimum size of the a Flex Framework that you absolutely can't do anything about is around 135kb.

            So essentially your 'empty project' consists of Flex Framework itself. Try adding few components and you'll notice that it won't grow exponentially.
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              slaingod Level 1
              You can use RSL (Runtime Shared Library) to potentially reduce the size of the Flex swf, at the cost that the first time a user sees ANY (not just your) Flex App with RSL enabled, they would need to download 500K.