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    % canvas size in action won't "stick"


      I have an action that I created in version of ps cc prior to cc2018.  very simple during the action I increase the canvas size to 110%.  It still works fine BUT if I try to change the canvas size to a different % it goes to a pixel or inch size. 


      Is this a bug?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The action is not resizing to a relatve 110%.    The document Resolution will be used to calulate how many prixels are required the make the doctment 18.279" by 16.083" for its current Print DPI setting.   Its an Absolute Canvas Size change the Image will either be Croped or have canvas added to its current dementions.  The Action befor the Canvas size step uses some Script that we have no Idea as to what that script does.  The Step is not expanded so we can not even see the script's Name....