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    Adobe Sign already registered


      I have integrated Adobe e-Sign with an accounting software product, by using a specific email address.


      I then changed this email address in my settings in the accounting software, just to demonstrate to someone where they can change this.


      When I try to change it back to the original email address, which I own, I get an error message, saying that the my original email address has already been registered with Adobe and can't be used - even though I own this email address, and the original use of that email address was in the exact same place.


      As the software provider just integrate with Adobe, there is nothing they can do to resolve this, the issue is on the Adobe side - sounds like somehow Adobe need to remove my email address from their system so it doesn't exist as a record, so that I can re-set it up.


      Has anyone come across this before or can anyone from Adobe assist with this?


      PS Trying to figure out how to contact Adobe about this is an absolute nightmare, going through so many circles trying to find out how to send off a simple email to them, find out it's not possible and my only option is to write on some forum and hope someone gets back to me.