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    Printing for Book Binding


      I am trying to make a Christmas gift for my newly wedded daughter. I wanted to take a 190 page .pdf and turn it into a bound book that I bind using the Perfect Bound method however, I cannot figure out the best way to print the documents to make multiple book signatures and it's making my head spin. My .pdf is just page after page in numerical order. What are the proper choices to make when printing this type of document or how do I rearrange the pages prior to printing book signatures. I am using terminology that I hope is correct. Got it from: https://www.designersinsights.com/designer-resources/choosing-the-right-binding-type/


      Thanks, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          Congratulations to your daughters wedding.


          Now for your problem, I understood the following:

          You have a PDF of 190 pages and you want doing the bindings yourself.


          I normally send that to a service provider, who does all the hard work for me, but if I would need to do it myself, I would proceed as follows:


          In the "Pages to print" you need to select the bindings, using a multiple of 4. In addition, the bindings should be the same size (i.e. having the same amount of sheets. You need to decide how many sheets you can handle per signature (because that's basically the reason for using signatures).


          Your 190 pages will lead you to 47.5 sheets which will be 48 sheets (2 blanc pages). 48 sheets may be separated in 8 signatures à 6 sheets. You can probably handle that quite easily. Other possibility: 3 signatures à 16 sheets, 4 à 12, 6 à 8 etc.


          First signature will be 1-24 pages to print, second 25-48, ...


          I hope this helps. Good luck.

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            lisal60192811 Level 1

            Thank you Abambo! I will give this a shot later today! And thank you for acknowledging my daughters wedding. It was beautiful!

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              lisal60192811 Level 1

              Mission accomplished and now I understand how all this work! Will take this info forward in life with me. Thank you for giving me a guru moment!