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    Measurement Tool Acrobat Pro DC 2018

    xylan Level 1

      I'm having issues with the measurement tool.


      If I uncheck the Embedded Scale box, set a new scale of say, 0.25"=12", and set the precision to 1, the initial measurement drawn seems to be correct.


      If, however, I need to move the dimension, as soon as I do, the measurement "precision" changes to .01 (2 decimal places).


      Two dimensions cannot be placed end to end, as you will just select the other dimension instead of drawing a new one. To overcome this you must move one of them into position after you draw it. Ergo the problem.


      If I start at say, 245", it never goes to "245.00". It instead jumps to 245.02 or something, which looks ridiculous on the drawing.


      It also spaces the Label and the Measurement out quite a bit. Before I move it, "Distance" is directly above the measurement. After I move it, "Distance" moves up by approx 1 full line height away from the measurement.


      Is there any fix for this?