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    Is there a way to select multiple artboards at once, on canvas?

    dbleja Level 1

      I finally got around to trying artboards. I wish I'd tried them when they came out 2 years ago - they're awesome!


      Anyway, I like how you can drag a rectangle over a set of paths with the direct selection tool to select all of the paths that fall inside that rectangle. Similarly, you can use the move tool to drag a rectangle around a bunch of raster layers to select them.


      Is there something comparable with artboards? I can't find any way to select lots of artboards in one go (other than using shift-click on the layer panel if they happen to be all in a row)


      I can think of some workarounds, such as naming them all in such a way that you can easily isolate them on the layer panel, but I'm looking for a direct way to select a group on-the-fly on the canvas.