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    Missing "People" identifiers

    johnf35097973 Level 1

      I just migrated my catalog from Lightroom classic to Lightroom CC.  Everything seemed to go pretty much as expected, but I'm missing a lot of my people.  I had around 50 people identified in Lightroom classic, but only a few of them found their way into Lightroom CC.  Any idea why, and if there's a way to get them back?

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          johnf35097973 Level 1

          I'll add one more bit of info to this question - if I click on an individual picture containing one of the missing people, I can click on the "Info" button on the lower right, and find a "People" header on the right-side column that will come up with that person's name in it.  But that person's name is not in the "People" on the left hand panel.