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    Trouble with Creative cloud and SSD


      So I'm having trouble keeping my install of creative cloud stable. I spent 3 hours with Adobe tech support to figure out the original problem. And it seems that because I changed the default install directory, creative cloud when started sits on the thinking circle then just says it needs to download and repair. When I say changed default install, I mean went into Registry and changed the default install path for Windows, because of my os is installed on my SSD and I also have an 1 tb HDD.  We solved it by deleting some files that creative cloud made on my second drive. (I assume as part of the installation it was confused). But I restarted my computer and the problem occurred again. I recreated the steps to fix it the last time and it did, but how do I prevent this from happening? The fact that creative cloud doesn't allow custom installation for creative cloud itself is a problem.