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    Eyebrows don't respond


      Hey guys,


      I feel like I have this happen too often, I update parts of my puppet and then it makes me re connect everything to the rig from scratch. which would be fine, but different parts act up differently every time. last time the arms didn't function right. this time its the eyebrows and blinking. the blinking only works if I really squeeze my eyes together then it registers a blink. not sure if there is a way to lower the strength I've tried with blinking strength but it seems it only works when recording, which I never do.


      as for eyebrows, they don't respond to mine at all, although they are tagged properly. one thing I did notice was that there are handles on both sets of brows. no idea why, but I click them and delete them, and they keep popping back up, they won't let me remove them, and it may be the reason for the issue. my character can go without using his eyebrows while I stream. I just need a solution at some point. Let me know if you guys have any ideas. Attached is a screenshot for help visually.


      Also, I think the rig recognizes my eyebrow movements, as the head slightly moves up and down as I lift my eyebrows up and down. its just sort of a mess, for something so simple. I've been using the program for a good few months now, and I haven't been more frustrated. it's almost like there is a bug for removing the handles on this group.



      Seth L. TylerScreen Shot 2017-12-05 at 3.59.51 PM.png