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    Cannot open .fla file "an error occurred opening the file"


      I'm working on a project that seems to be corrupted. Multiple .fla files cannot be opened.


      I first started having problems with saving the files. I received an error that read something along the lines of "Could not save. Please save to a new location or with a new name." I complied, I saved multiple versions of the file with multiple names on multiple locations on my local drive, and on an external drive.


      None of the files will open. Note even the associated RECOVER files will open. I've tried to save the .fla as a .rar and reopen with winRar. I've also saved as a .zip and opened with "The Unarchiver" neither the .xfl or .fla file will open. None of the associated RECOVER files will open either.


      Can someone please help me? I am absolutely desperate at this point.


      Thank you.