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    CFPDF is great but...

      Does anyone know of a way to obtain the page layout information from the PDF? I'm not talking about the document creator or other pdf information that is pretty much useless. I need the real information, like position of pdf elements and what text and images are within the containers.

      Applications suchs a QContent have been doing this for years, but I don't understand how this can be automatic (manually it's easy). I was looking forward to Adobe ColdFusion having more manipulation of pdf documents (even though it's going in the right direction). Is this something I should continue to try or can it not be done with ColdFusion?
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          insuractive Level 3
          You might want to look into using iText. its a free Java library for building/modifying/examining PDF documents AND its most likely already installed on your machine if you are using CF6+. iText gives you a lot more control over accessing different elements inside the PDF, but the downside is you'll have to access it using the whole "writing java code inside of CF" thing in order to access it.