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    What is the best approach for this...?

      Hi there,
      I am new to Flash and yet I have been asked to create an interactive, fully text searchable map....let me explain further.

      I need to create regions on a map of our country, and these regions, when clicked on will popup a small photo of an Advisor that looks after that region, along with a list of towns/cities in the same popup etc. The text entries must be searchable, as that is part of the criterea..., in fact the whole page (once uploaded to the web) will need to be searchable.

      I can use other authoring tools aside from flash, like help authoring software I already have but that may not look as good as a Flash file etc.....

      Is Flash the right tool to use for this? if so, given that I am a newby to Flash (I do use Captivate that outputs to Flash but that is not the same thing...) will it take me long to get up to speed enough to create this?

      Finally, where should I look to get training enough to create this?

      Kind regards