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    Photoshop CC Animation: Holding frames in frame animation?


      So I'm just learning how to animate using Photoshop CC and, moving from programs like Animate and Toon Boom, one key feature is missing that I find excruciatingly annoying to work with.

      So, say I'm drawing a dialogue scene and want to hold a single frame for like 36 frames. Would I have to copy and paste that single frame 35 times just for that one bit? What if I'm creating an animation in 24 frames per second, but I'm animating on 2's with some single frames here and there. Do I have to copy and paste each individual frame over and over again every single time? Is there any way to hold a single frame for an extended period of time on the same video layer, or do I have to make a new timeline layer for literally every single frame of the entire scene? I can imagine this getting insanely cluttered.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.