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    Decimals in Currency Success Events

    tobyc49922805 Level 2

      Hi everyone,


      I've created some success events in AA and set them to currency. However, when viewing them in the interface or when using report builder they do not include decimals. 


      I've noticed that if I create a calculated metric in AA I can set it to show to 2 decimal places - so the data is there, but would rather avoid creating duplicates of metrics that should already display this data.


      Does anyone know a way to get decimals to show for custom success events set to currency?


      Any help you could give would be hugely appreciated.





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          btripple Level 2

          It was designed that way, you must use calculated metrics if rounding is an issue, no other option.

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            PratheepArunRaj Experience Cloud MVP

            Hello Gigazelle, AbhijeetKMishra,


            Any comments on the above? Even I am curious to know the solution.


            Thank You!


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              AbhijeetKMishra Adobe Employee



              Currency event do have decimal support and they are expected to show values with decimal by default (earlier decimal support was only available for currency events when fired within the product string).


              Please make sure the event being referred here is configured correctly and is not set to be serialized by ID.


              If the event is configured correctly, however the data isn't showing per expectation, I'd suggest creating a support ticket so that it can be investigated further upon.

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                tobyc49922805 Level 2

                Hi ,


                Thanks for this. Some of the events are serialised - will this cause an issue?


                What are seeing is that when we view in the interface (Workspace or Reports and Analytics) there are no decimals i.e. "£10.51" will show as "11 GBP". When we download the report from AA we are seeing the value populated correctly with the decimal i.e. "10.51". However, when we use report builder to extract the data we are seeing the rounded figure again.


                Breakdown as below:


                Reports and Analytics Interface: No Decimals (Rounded)

                Reports and Analytics Excel Download: Decimals Included (As expected)

                Workspace interface: No Decimals (Rounded)

                Workspace Excel download: No Decimals (Rounded)

                Report Builder: No Decimals (Rounded)


                It seems odd to me, that different tools withing AA would interpret the same value in different ways.





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                  btripple Level 2

                  I think the rationale of rounding is to make the interface easier to read and being off by a few pennies isn't going to really impact analysis. 


                  I think serialization is more intended for counter metrics, I'm not sure if it was intended for currency metrics, you may want to do a client care request if you don't get your answer here.

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