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    Dynamic assignment.

      Greetings - this is probably something simple...I'm new to Flex, first app. I have a repeater tiling images that can be clicked and blown up. The repeater gets the image names from a mysql table via {repeater.currentItem.filename}, ie:
      <mx:Image source="../images/upload/{slideRepeater.currentItem.filename}" width="150" height="100" click="imageClick();"/>

      The pop-up for the full size image is a new 'state', ie:
      <mx:State name="showFullImage">........
      <mx:Image id="largeImage" source="{slideRepeater.currentItem.caption}" click="removeImage()" top="50" left="160" width="496" height="371"/>.........

      Obviously, what I have the source= set to in the "largeImage" image object is junk. I was wondering how to assign this properly. Thanks in advance for any advice.