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    Best control to use

    Mission2k Level 1
      OK, I can't decide which control to use for my video tutorials. Apparently each has their own advantages and disadvantages but none have everything I need.

      My video tutorials are done in Camtasia and exported to our website in .swf and .flv format.

      I want my application to be able to load a little pop up window that starts playing the video. But, I want more.

      Right now I am loading it using the SWFLoader and everything is perfect except for one problem. It wont start playing the video until it loads the entire thing. I would like for it to start playing once it has buffered enough.

      I have tried the VideoDisplay as well but when I use it, I lose the navigation features and such that are built into the .swf file created by Camtasia.

      And the Image component seems to lack the most of everything.

      Am I wanting too much?