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    Earliest AI scripting version

    Silly-V Adobe Community Professional

      Just a curious history question: what is the first Illustrator version in which scripting made its appearance as a feature?

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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I "think" it started with Illustrator 10. It's the oldest guide I've found, plus it reads...


          Welcome to scripting, arguably the most exciting new feature of Illustrator. No other

          feature, new or old, can save you as much time, effort, and money as scripting.

          About this manual

          This manual provides an introduction to scripting Adobe Illustrator 10 on Mac OS and

          Windows. We realize that not every Illustrator user will be familiar with programming

          terms, concepts, and techniques, so we’ve included Chapter 2, “Scripting Basics,” which

          contains introductory information that should help get you started with scripting. If you’re

          an experienced AppleScript scripter or Visual Basic programmer, you will probably want

          to skip to Chapter 3 to get the specifics on scripting Illustrator.



          ...aside from this book that mentions Illustrators 9 supporting AppleScript

          illustrator 9 scripting.PNG