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    Adobe CS5 Registration Loop on Windows 10


      A few months back I started having the registration loop error.


      Any program in the Adobe CS5 suite would ask me to accept the agreement, I accept, it asks for the serial number, I put it in (it shows valid, and is valid ), then it re-loops to the accept agreement screen continuously.


      I have spent many hours with Adobe chat on this already and have basically been written off because of Windows 10.


      I am running Windows 10.


      Here's what I've tried:


      I have uninstalled and re-installed many times.


      I have deleted the SL Cache folder.


      I have tried the Youtube video that suggests adding your license info in the license file.


      I have disable my Windows firewall.


      I have tried running as administrator but have been unable to.


      I have tried removing the read only permissions on the Adobe folder but have been unable to.


      I would love to get this working, I've had it un-working for months and now have Christmas presents and trip photos to edit as well as upcoming business projects!


      Any advice appreciated!!!!!