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    Fireworks to Dreamweaver CS3

      When creating a sliced image in Fireworks with simple rollover behavior AND linking that slice to another page within the same [Dreamweaver] directory, opening in a different frame....the link does not work. Fireworks html and images exported to DW, once in DW setup a 2 frame page set, top frame holds exported Firworks html, etc,. Rollovers work great, however once clicked the associated page does not display in the lower frame. In DW all properties are ported over from FW fine and are as follows: Link points to the correct html page as indicated in FW before the export, target is mainFrame, as indicated in FW. Upon display the rollover images work fine howeverr the link does not work, nothing is displayed in the frame, however in the system tray, you can clearly see the correct path to the page--it just will not display. If I do this all manually in DW works fine, but is more efficient from FW...if only it worked. Any suggestions?