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    Transform an object in a trapezoidal way

    raulM Level 1

      Hey all,

      The last days, I was trying to find my way into scripting to automatize some workflows.

      I don’t really know where to start on this specific project, so I finally take a shortcut and try to find some answers from more experienced people. ;-)


      Basically I’m trying to change the width of an object/group.

      The width should be changed in two different values — one width-change on the top, another one on the bottom. The values are calculated by: width*cos(y). Where Y is the Y-Value of the maximum or minimum. All points between the maximum and minimum should be changed in a linear way. Similar to a trapezoid.

      A bit like it can be done manually with the free-transform-tool:

      (The shapes are representing the transformation, not the actual paths!)


      I’m not sure, if that’s even possible. Maybe someone could give me a hint where to start or share some experiences.


      Merci beaucoup and have a great Day!




      (Sorry, I’m totally struggling to describe this in english... )