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    Webhelp to PDF conversion possible?

    gaurav21vartak Level 1

      Hello there,


      I am currently using Robohelp 2017 to generate a Webhelp for our product. However, there is a requirement wherein the users should be able to convert the Webhelp (CSH basically) to PDF. Is it possible add an option (a script or otherwise) that can enable the users to save the entire WebHelp in a PDF format? The PDF should use the WebHelp TOC as the basis for structuring.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          The key requirement here would be that the user has a PDF writer on their PC. Then if they do, all they need to do to print a specific topic is click Print in their browser, the PDF writer will appear in their list of printers.


          Before allowing them to print the entire help with one click, you need to consider its size. I've seen projects with thousands of topics and sending that to a printer might not make you the most liked person in the office.


          The usual compromise is for you to create PDFs of sections of the help and create links to them, either text or icon.


          To create a PDF of the help in whole or part, use Printed Documentation. In theory you can generate direct to PDF but I recommend outputting to Word first and tidying up the page breaks and so on. Then create the PDF from Word. If you haven't done this before, see Printed Documentation on my site.


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