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    Looking To Change Camera Raw Default XMP Preset Folder


      Hi All,


      I work in a photography agency as a desk editor. 3 of us work at a time from 3 different machines editing pictures from an FTP to send them off to another office. To help us with matching our edits together I was trying the figure out if I could make RAW save the XMP's for an edit to just one folder for the three of us.


      So to be clear, instead of saving our edits to here:



      I'm trying to change the default location to something like:

      \\\all transfer foilder\Edits


      I realise you could just manually change where you are saving the image but I'm trying to set up a workflow where the "Apply Preset" option will populate with edits from all three of us and not just the one machine as speed is an important factor in our job.


      If anyone would know a solution to this query it would be much appreciated.



      Dylan Flanagan

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          Richard Southworth Level 3

          If I understand correctly you wish to share the presets across 3 systems, not the image .xmp sidecar files.


          I can think of one approach, that will take some Windows expertise to accomplish.  In each of the three machines configure the Settings folder as shareable across the network, and give it read/write permissions for all users.  On each system use a Robocopy script to push the settings from its Settings folder onto the other two Settings folders.  The Robocopy syntax allows for adding/replacing files to a network folder, without erasing the files already there.  The script can be triggered manually or on a timed basis.


          You should establish a naming convention so that you won't accidentally use the same file name, maybe prefix the name with initials or system id.  There are probably other ways to accomplish the same goal, maybe using a synchronization program.  Robocopy is present on all Windows 7 systems and beyond, and provides a lot of flexibility for tasks such as yours.


          Richard Southworth