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    Sharing / Exporting Files from LR Mobile


      I need to export a file for a 5x7 print and was hoping to do it from LR mobile since I am away from my desktop.  If I select to share the file by email, and select the image size as “maximum available” will the reoation from the LR mobile file be high enough for a good 5x7?  Or should I wait till I get back to my desktop to export a file with a higher resolution?


      According to LR Mobile, a “small size” image is 2048px, so I am assuming that “maximum resolution” is higher than that, and should probably be fine for a 5x7, but I don’t want my friend to be disapponted with the quality of her print.  Any advice?

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It looks like there will be enough resolution for a good 5 x 7-inch print, no matter which option you choose.


          If a "Small" size image is 2048 pixels on the long side, 2048 pixels divided by 7 inches is 292 pixels per inch, or almost 300 ppi. That's a very good resolution for a print.


          "Maximum Available" could mean a couple of things. If the image available through Lightroom Mobile is a Smart Preview, it will be 2540 pixels on the long side, which would produce a 5 x 7-inch print at 362 ppi. If the available image is the original file, it will be whatever the camera resolution is, which is probably even higher.