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    Frontal profile shows during walk behavior

    danielw406 Level 1

      This is my first puppet. I created a swap set for Frontal, Right Profile, and Left Profile views. The profile views have triggers and seem to function. If my puppet walks from the right or left profile, it works fine. However, if it walks from the frontal view, that view still shows in addition to the walking. Any thoughts as to why?



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          TDFAP Level 2

          Hi Daniel, I have also run into this issue before, and here is a link to the discussion that resulted when I posted to the forum.


          Walk Behavior and Swap Sets


          Basically it is an issue caused by the Swap Sets and the Walk Behavior competing for which behavior is dominant. Dave posted a link to a video that helped me to resolve this. There are several work arounds depending on the the of scene you're working on.

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            danielw406 Level 1

            Hi TDFAP,

            Thanks for responding! I found your response helpful. It probably is a conflict between the walk behavior and the swap set. If I do remove the swap set the problem of the frontal view showing while he walks goes away. But then I can't control which direction my character is facing. I don't see a way to have both the walk behavior and the swap set available to me. Since it's important to be able to trigger the puppet's direction, I guess I'll just have to make sure manually trigger a profile view before hitting the arrow key for walk. The problem can be avoided if I never trigger walk from the frontal view.


            I do wish there was a more clean solution, though. Thanks again for your input.