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    No "Show Clipping" Option?


      I'm using the cloud version of Lightroom for the first time (1.0.1), and there does not seem to be a way to "Show Clipping" on an image. This makes the blacks appear solid blue, and the whites appear solid red. The keyboard shortcut used to be "J."


      My workflow relies on this. Has that option disappeared?

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          It's not so much that the option has "disappeared", it's more a case that the new app doesn't have all the features that the original version of Lightroom has. So if your workflow depends on this feature, maybe you should be using the latest version of the original Lightroom instead, which is now called Lightroom Classic. Both Classic and LRCC were released on the same date, Classic is effectively the 7th version of the desktop-centric original Lightroom, and LRCC is the first version of the new cloud-centric application which probably isn't targeted (at least initially) at professional photographers.

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            brianc39072748 Level 1

            Okay, thanks so much Jim!