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    Reverse Resource resolver Mapping not working

    karansheel Level 1




      As per our requirement we have to do shortening of some url's.  Below is URL and there shortn path


      /content/gemini/us/en/types/collection/watch/a/a1234.html  ---->   /us/en/types/watch/a1234.html  


      /content/gemini/us/en/types/collection/jewelery/c/c7934.html  ------> /us/en/types/jewelery/c7934.html


      /content/gemini/us/en/types/collection/gifts/r/r123.html    ------>    /us/en/types/gifts/r123.html



      To acheive this  we have written a regex pattern in reeource resolver factory mapping.   here is rule




      It's working fine and making a shortern URL. But problem is reverse mapping is not working . Is it possible to achieve reverse mapping using regex pattern ? or any issue in my rule