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    Purchased big new storage upgrade, please help me optimize my workflow!

    bizblueprinti25204327 Level 1

           I have just purchased a few new external SSD drives including a new 20TB G-Raid system and I am looking for any assistance/ guidance in optimizing my drives to increase the speed of my workflow.


           I run a video production team and do a lot of editing (mostly testimonials and quick edits to 45 min presentations) and was experiencing bottlenecks that slowed my production which is why I made these big investments in expanding my storage.


      --- Here is a list of the equipment I have including speed tests which I performed using Blackmagic Speed Test software ---



      MacBook Pro Late 2016 500GB SSD

      Memory - 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3


      Processor - 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7


      Graphics - Radeon Pro 455 2048 MB

                         Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB


      Write - 1943 MB/s

      Read - 2158 MB/s


      G-RAID 7200rpm Thunderbolt - 20TB (RAID 0)


      Write - 485 MB/s

      Read - 492 MB/s


      Samsung EVO 850 SSD - 2TB

      Write - 480 MB/s

      Read - 514 MB/s


      Samsung T3 SSD - 1TB


      Write - 400 MB/s

      Read - 425 MB/s