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    How are my iCloud photos getting into my LR storage?

    dcwinton Level 1

      I'm totally baffled. I know there is a setting somewhere but I can't find it.


      My online LR storage, as well as my LR Mobile, has 2191 photos in it that are stored in iCloud and/or Photostream, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are getting there. They have capture dates as recent as a week ago and as far back as more than 10 years. It is NOT my whole iCloud photo library, and it is not the LR catalog that I use in LR Classic.  THAT has over 35,000 photos in it.


      It's driving me nuts. I have an iPhone, iPad, two iMacs and a MacBook that access the iCloud accout. But they do NOT all have LR installed.