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    Totally Lost - Java Coding


      FIrst I apologize if Java is not what i need to be doing in this situation.   But I own a wheelchair service and we want to go paperless for the drivers.  So i created a

      pdf file ( by the help of google and youtube),  and so far its gone well.  But now I'm stuck.   I have realized there is alot that goes on in PDFs that requires Java Coding.

      What I am trying to do is this:   I have a dropdown box that list our local facilities.  Under that i have text boxes for address, city, state, zip.  What i would like to do is make it where when they click a facility name that the other info auto populates.  But I cant find anything on how to do this or even if its possible.  Again I apologize if this is not a Java task but any help Id greatlly appreciate.  Thanks