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    licensing / subscription system

      Hi all.

      I have an AIR application that I am wanting to build in some sort of licensing / subscription system into.

      I am not 100% what I want to include in this system and I have never done this sort of thing, so am generally after some advice and pointers form people with more experience and knowledge in this area.

      Roughly I will require the application to have a unique serial key (possibly encrypted) holding some sort of date / time value to use as a check as I also want to allow the application to be used for a tail period of time (e.g. 30 days).

      After the trail period is up, I want to disable use of the application until a valid license has been entered.

      I want to be able to store all this license stuff in a secure location where is cannot be tampered with (any suggestions) I thought about using the embedded "EncryptedLocalStore" within AIR - however I have used this before and noticed that when an application is re-installed or updated with a local version this "EncryptedLocalStore" gets overwritten with a fresh one etc... is this the case???

      another source of secure storage I have thought for this data would be an external DB - would this also be possible???

      any points / adice in this area would me greatly appreciated.