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    Borderless printing, custom size via pdf

    bama grama

      Am trying to print on card stock, 7x10. PS artwork is set to edge of page. no bleed. When I set the page size in pdf it ads .17 " in width, and .12" in length. The preview shows it goes to the edge, but it cuts off the border when it prints. I'm at wits end. Can someone help me solve this?

      I have a deadline to meet in one day!


      Appreciate any help I can get.


      My PS 2017 has without my asking upgraded to 2018. System says can't find 2017!  Printing to a Kodak photo printer Verite 640. Great color,

      but art won't center on page, noo matter what I've tried.


      thanks to anyone who can help.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Does your printer print edge-to-edge in any app? It doesn't seem to be an advertised feature of it.

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            bama grama Level 1

            I spoke with

            • Reply I spoke with a tech from Kodak and it does support borderless printing. He said it was a software issue. I'm still having the problem trying to center just trying the artwork. Printing from a pdf created in PhotoShop 2017, the page size in the print preview is 7.17 x 10.12 " and the picture shows the artwork fitting properly but it does not print as shown.
            • I's so frustrated! Although the Kodak is an off beat printer, the color is beautiful...just not in the right place on the page.

                    There seem to be a whole lot of printing problems with the Adobe upgrades. My Epson WF print one decent copy, then runs          out of ink, or I'd use it.