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    Changing zoom angle with transition manager

    post54 Level 1
      Hi guys and gals,

      I'm making a map and would like to be able to zoom in and out of counties. I've got most of it down I believe, but would like to be able to control where the zoomed in image ends up. I'm using the transition manager information I found here.

      Here is what my code looks like:

      _root.img_dunn_mc._x = 82;
      _root.img_dunn_mc._y = 235;
      mx.transitions.TransitionManager.start(img_dunn_mc, {type:mx.transitions.Zoom, direction:0, duration:.5});

      The x and y values are to make it appear that the county is zooming in from a specific spot on the map. When it zooms in, it simply makes the clip bigger. Is there a way to control the x and y coordinates of the zoomed in image?

      Wow, I hope that made some sense.