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    If I delete an automatic inline style, will it affect the text containing the style

      Hi. I know the solution to this must be obvious, but I just can't find it in RoboHelp "Help."

      I imported a Word document and inadvertantly included zillions of inline styles. I want to delete them from the style sheet because it's tedious to keep scrolling through the list when applying the few styles I want to use.

      If I delete the styles from the style sheet, will the text they relate to revert to Normal, or will it retain the formatting?

      I'm grateful for any guidance I can get.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Normally when you click in a paragraph the stylename will display in mixed case in the toolbar. That indicates RH has found the style in the CSS and is applying it. If you delete the style, the stylename will appears in CAPS indicating RH knows a style should be applied but cannot find it. Effectively that is going to be the same as no style so the text will display in your users' browsers in whatever font is the default. That will likely conflict with your paragraphs that do have a style and look like a dog's dinner.

          Once you have gone through your document though, there should be no such references and you can safely delete the styles. Nonetheless make a copy of the CSS first, just in case.

          The other way is to apply whatever CSS you normally use and then work through your document looking for the styles in caps and applying your styles there.

          Does that cover it?

          A useful way to import is to import into a clean project and tidy up there. Once done, you can import the clean files into your project. The advantage of this method is if it goes wrong, it is quick and easy to back out.You just trash that project and start over.
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            MergeThis Level 4
            It's usually much more efficient to clean up the Word file prior to importing it, than to mess with the detritus generated by the Word-to-RH conversion.

            In Word, you can Find&Replace styles, which you can't do in RH (at least through the WYSIWYG, anyway). You can also "de-style" chunks of content by selecting them and presssing Ctrl+SpaceBar. Another method is to Copy and Paste the content into a text editor like Notepad, then paste that "clean" content into RH and assign CSS styles then. Another thing to take care of in Word, is the use of "smart" punctuation brought on by the use of Word's Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoFormat As You Type function (quotes, ordinals, hyphens, etc.)

            Good luck,