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    Flash CS3 crash on opening files

      On a Windows XP system, if I open a .fla with a user (non-admin) account, Flash CS3 crashes instantly.

      If I run the application as admin (logged in with the same user account) using the Run as... command, the crashes do no happen. Obviously the user's preferences / registry data is causing the crashes. How should I proceed to clean them if I want to get rid of the crashes?


      Eric Garneau
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          St@tto Level 1
          I've been having the same problem on my Vista system except that I had to use the hidden Administrator account to use the program. I seem to have fixed the problem by deleting the Flash Configuration folder in my user account. Not sure where it is on XP, but on Vista it's at C:\users\MY-NAME\AppData\Adobe\Flash CS3\en\Configuration it should be somewhere in the Documents and Settings folder on XP.