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    LR mobile upload stuck (pending)




      I have 281 Photos on my Iphone, in LR Mobile that will not finish uploading to Adobe CC. I successfully uploaded & downloaded 175 others (in the same catalog) onto my PC from my phone, but the other 281 have stopped uploading. It has said "Pending" for weeks now. I have updated (mobile & desktop), restarted, logged in & out to no avail. I can also see on my PC that 281 files are "dowloading" but nothing ever changes. I'm not sure if the problem is with the upload (mobile) or download (PC). Maybe there is a way to re-fresh, or cancel & restart the sync? I would like to get the rest of the photos from my phone onto my PC, someone please help!

      Photo 12-6-17, 9 18 38 PM.png