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    AIR installer help


      When ever my AIR application starts It need to start a exe file(Socket server).

      I am able to package the exe file(Socket server) with the AIR installer. It needs to be launched whenever my AIR application starts.

      Is there any way to do this in AIR. Is there any way to configure this in the AIR installer.

      Thanks in advance...
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          Not in the way you ask. There's no easy way for AIR apps to launch external executables. I believe the best way would be to think of it the other way around: rather than having the AIR app launch the server, have the server launch the AIR app. That way you still have just the one app for the user to launch, but the server exe will have the ability to launch the AIR app.
          Mike Chambers has some info about a similar concept here.
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            chirax2 Level 1
            I really agree with you, that Server exe can launch the AIR app.
            I am trying to make it using the AIR installer/packager itself, don't want to go for another installer. AIR installer launches the AIR app by default.

            Thanks for the Mike Chambers link.
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              Mike Chambers' concepts are all good, but it is nevertheless a workaround for what AIR could have provide (and from what I can see capable of providing). In my opinion, this is the single biggest missing feature from AIR today. I believe a lot of us are working around problem by doing more or less what Mike Chambers suggested. But, it is a lot of work and headaches and the result still doesn't feel like one app. Plus, as long as we have the work-around, we cannot truly take advantage of the power of AIR like the built-in updater and badge installer etc.

              I've heard that this feature might make it in the next release. Can someone please confirm?
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                This is a re-occurring topic of discussion and highly demanded functionality
                Does Adobe have any comment on this thread??