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    Clickable counter


      Hi guys. I have created a simple clickable counter in captivate. It is simply two buttons "+" and "-" which increment or decrement det $$point$$ variable with 1 for each click. The problem is that when I preview the output in HTML5 browser it's not updating for each click. I have to click 5-10 times sometimes for the variable to update.


      Do anyone of you guys know why this is?


      Thank you very much


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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I seem to remember that with some versions of Captivate there was an issue when using the Increment or Decrement actions in HTML5.


          Try substituting that action with having each button execute an Advanced Action that uses the Expression action to increment or decrement instead.  It takes the form Expression MyVar = MyVar + (literal)1 for the increment action and Expression MyVar = MyVar - (literal) 1 for the decrement.


          See if that works better.  If it makes no difference, then I would suggest the issue is not with your action but some other defect in the project.  Try a different browser to see if that works better.

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Which version do you use, please?

            Can you post a screenshot of the timeline and of the used actions: are they simple actions, or advanced actions? I suppose that the interactive objects have infinite attempts, which means only the Success action is relevant.

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              danielm45687614 Level 1

              Hi Lilybiri and RodWard. Thank you for both of your replies.


              Rod, your method worked.


              Lilybiry, I am using CP2017.

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                Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Do you tell that Incremen/Decrement is not working in CP2017? That is weird, will have to explore because I didn't hare that issue yet in this version. It was in the first version where Increment was added, that there were problems.

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                  danielm45687614 Level 1

                  It might just be a one-time issue, because it is working now. I might even have touched the double click button. I am not sure.


                  But the problem is solved.



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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Thanks for taking out the correct answer, because Rod's answer was not fitting for this use case, it would have been for a former version of Captivate. It is better not to confuse other users looking at this thread.

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                      RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I can't see how the answer isn't 'fitting' if it works successfully.


                      Using the Expression action as an alternative to Increment or Decrement is actually quite a handy trick to know for any version of Captivate.

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                        Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Rod,  my problem is that it was not an issue, Increment/Decrement works perfectly in CP2017. If another user visits this thread, and looks only at the correct answer, he will suppose that those commands are not working in CP2017 neither, which is not the case. I know that the Expressio is a valid alternative, but it is only availalbe in an advanced/shared action, not as simple/single action. 

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                          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Lieve, I based my original answer on the fact that the user was experiencing a genuine problem with Increment/Decrement NOT working in his version of Captivate.  It was only AFTER I gave my suggestion that he revealed he was using Cp 2017.


                          I don't think a user reading down through this thread will draw any false conclusions.  But they might think it a bit pedantic to be labelling solutions offered by others as "not fitting" when they actually DID work and satisfied the user's requirements. 


                          It's never a good idea to let 'perfection' get in the way of 'good'.


                          I know you take a very 'motherly' interest in the information offered on this forum and we're all very grateful for your expertise. But we NEED more people to contribute their ideas and solutions on this forum. If potential solution contributors fear being corrected over every detail the Moderator happens to disapprove of, then it will likely put them off the idea, and set up a situation where the forum support load falls on the same few people all the time.

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                            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Rod, I didn't touch anything. The OP did change his appreciation from indicating your answer as being correct, to setting the thread as Assumed Answered after he discovered that it was not a bug.  Threads like this should better be deleted, but I will not do that. It is not the first time that a thread is started and after a while the user realizes that it works anyway.