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    Getting a list of pages and components | Querying vs Traversal

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      We need to traverse our entire content repository and return a list of all pages and all the components authored in each of these pages.

      The number of pages are high. I can think of the below ways and need views and suggestions from the community.


      1. Using Queries. We need to run the query at each market level (eg content/domain/market1 , content/domain/market2 etc) and get the results. This works but since the number of nodes are pretty high, this takes quite some time (we are still trying to tune some indexes though)


      2. The component Report which is available out of the box. Two questions here

           a. Will this report give back result in a json format?

           b. Does this report internally use queries only?


      3. Write a custom code using Resource Resolvers and creating the required json.