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    Error "handle value is not a number"?


      Hi! I'm getting this error all the time now when ever I try to do some changes to my scene and I have no idea what it is all about: "handle value is not a number. Error code: (Container.js:215)" and it's making me mad...!

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          DanTull Adobe Employee

          I'd be curious to see this project. I have seen an error like this in a rather abusive use of the Physics behavior, but I have seen it occur in analytics just often enough that it makes me think there is some more mainstream use that hits it as well.


          If you'd be willing to share a project that is exhibiting the error more commonly, I'd be interested in doing a deeper diagnosis. If you're interested, I can contact you privately with contact information.


          Thanks -- Dan Tull

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            alank99101739 Level 4

            I have my project up in Adobe Cloud, and am happy to share it with you. Just reach out to my email and I will work out if I can just share the whole project with you then email you directly instructions on the most likely way to trigger the problems I typically see.

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              DanTull Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the assist on the Container.js "handle is not a number" error. I haven't personally tried to make it happen just yet, but the video and project give me some excellent leads to follow for what's causing it. I'm hopeful that it'll be enough for me to pin it down.


              Thanks! -- DT

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                DanTull Adobe Employee

                I stripped down a copy of your project to the smallest thing that still reproduces the error.


                It now has 1 scene, with a single puppet with 1 layer (a few groups down), 1 behavior (Physics, more specifically Dangle), and 2 handles (besides the origin).


                Since I only have the one behavior I also switched to duplicating a 1 frame take of a Physics parameter to undo/redo. The key part about that seems to just be that it makes the stage refresh rapidly.


                Two things are odd about the layer and handles that remain:

                1. The layer has several strands of hair that are separate from the main clump. Those are causing Auto mesh mode to choose a rectangular shape* instead of one that follows the outline of the layer's content. Rectangular meshes can also make the movement look strange.

                2. The dangle handles on this layer are not on the mesh.


                I think the second one is the part that is causing the error. When I move the two handles onto the mesh, the error stops happening.


                I'm going to get this filed as a bug, but wanted to post back since this information might help you and others avoid this issue.


                Thanks! -- DT


                * worth noting that I have mesh visualization enabled in the puppet panel. that pentagonal button on the far left of the toolbar toggles it, it can be quite handy.

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                  alank99101739 Level 4

                  Ah, thank you. I reviewed and found a number of such missing dangles (some were strange!)


                  The pentagon button to show the mesh was useful too (I remembered it from before, but forgot it). I found a few more free hanging things around, but some where too hard to work out. Just selecting contour instead of auto did the job however.


                  Thanks for tracking down the bug!

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                    nickg8452547 Level 1

                    Yea.. I hope this bug is fixed soon because idk if I have the time or comprehension to be able to understand all that.

                    The only thing I picked up was the possibility of dangle handles being outside of an objects meshing?

                    For me this error mainly comes up if i delete a scene in a project, or certain audio tracks in a scene (which I would do if I duplicated a scene to be able to use performances from it with different audio). neither of these I’m not sure how would correlate with the error seeing as everything works fine originall.

                    A different instance that just happened to me was after I recorded a mouse controlled eye gaze performance.

                    Luckily there are numerous ways and work around to do most things, but I find myself getting very frustrated as well

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                      DanTull Adobe Employee

                      I did find one other case that I was able to reproduce the issue with and I attached that case to the bug internally. It does still have dangle handles, though it seemed more resistant to being reduced to a simpler form and I didn't specifically see handles off the mesh, so the real bug is still not fully understood.


                      I'll also note that the error appears to be related to the stage being refreshed for certain kinds of timeline edits as opposed to consistently happening during normal playback or rendering.



                      I have this thread linked to the bug and will try to remember to post back when it gets fixed.