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    Embedding an Edited 360 Image




      I edited a 360 image from a Theta camera.

      Then, I added text images in the 360 photo in Photoshop.

      I'm trying to embed a movable 360 image.

      I tried using Momento360, but it did not embed the entire image. The size was not right either.


      I know that I can upload a functional 360 image(s) from the Google Street View app, but I'd like to use an Photoshopped version of a 360 image.


      Thanks very much


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Without an example panorams file what can we say. You seem to be using some none Adobe software to create some kind of Panarama image file from a Theta camera.  Can Photoshop open that file into a editable Photoshop document?


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            mattq74570375 Level 1


            Thank you


            Here is more information and context.


            I took the image with a Theta camera, then I used Photoshop CC 2017 to edit the image by adding text (see attached image below).

            I'm trying to embed a functional 360 image with textual additions in a webpage (e.g. in an iframe).



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              Daniel Presedo > dramenon Adobe Employee

              Yes, for  the latest version 2018 released on OCT 18 2017 there is an update to the 360 panorama workflow. You may Edit and Export 360 panoramas. Photoshop will maintain important metadata to work with third-party viewers.


              You would import/open the Theta image in Photoshop.

              1. Works as you normally would > add a layer or text etc to this image.
                Save your work (as a PSD.)
              2. Make a duplicate of your work and flatten the layers
              3. Then in the menu 3D  > New Panorama from selected layer.

              Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.33.33 PM.png


              Then menu 3D  > Export Panorama

              Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.33.57 PM.png


              The difference now is when you have finished Photoshop will maintain important metadata to work with third-party viewers.


              Hope this helps!

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                mattq74570375 Level 1



                I tried sharing to facebook, flicker, and twitter, but the 360 photo did not turn when I moused down and dragged.

                So, I tried using an iframe tag with a URL from Momento360, a third party platform.

                I used the code (iframe and URL) in a CML I'm working from.

                The code worked, but the edited 360 image was missing the backed of the picture, as if it were a 180 image.

                When I used the unedited version of my 360 file, I was able to view the whole picture as I turned it with my mouse.


                I'm not sure if I'm missing an exporting step, but it is clear that something is missing.


                Thanks very much.



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                  mattq74570375 Level 1

                  Whoops...I see now 'Export Panorama'.

                  Got it now.

                  Sorry about that.


                  Thanks so much Daniel.

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                    mattq74570375 Level 1

                    Sorry I missed that.

                    Thanks again.