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    Synchronize Lightroom adjustment in Photoshop

    Nick Erald Level 1


      I would like Photoshop to read Lightroom adjustments.

      In Lightroom I usually click "Edit in >Edit in adobe Photoshop" to chek channels highlight with ALT(OPT) + Eydropper in Curves or Levels and this works fine.

      I would like to adjust a photo in Lightroom then open it in Photoshop (Edit in >Edit in Adobe Photoshop).

      After that I would like to make some adjustments on the same image in Lightroom and see the adjustements directly in the photo previously opened in Photoshop. A sort of auto-sync between Lightroom and Photoshop.

      I have look for a solution but I haven't found a better way than clicking everytime "Edit in >Edit in Adobe Photoshop" to see the new adjustements in Photoshop. In this way though, I would have multiple files opened in Photoshop, and this is not very comfortable.