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    Rewind button



      When clicked on the rewind button in our training, we go back to the beginning but can see the feedbacks of the tests. It seems as if our personalized feedbacks couldn't be deleted when returning to the beginning of the training.

      Is there any solution to make it work or must we delete the personalized feedbacks?

      Thank you in advance for your help!

      Best regards,


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How did you set up the 'customized feedbacks'? Are you talking about question slides, custom scored objects or KV slides? If you set up the custom feedbacks with Hide/Show or by using states, you probably will hae to use the On Enter event of those slides to do a custom reset as well.

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            mnoemi Level 1

            Thank you for your response!

            We customize the feedbacks on the questions slides. They are hidden until the user gives an answer. My problem is that when we rewind and return to the beginning to re-answer the questiopns&gain more points, the feedbacks are already there (they do not disappear by clicking on the button "rewind").

            I unfortunately don't know what "On Enter event" means. Do you think it would reset our training and make the feedbacks disappear?

            Thank you in advance!

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You use actions to show those feedbacks, right? Each action is triggered by an event. A full oveview of all events can be found in my post:

              Events and (advanced) Actions - Captivate blog

              The On Enter event is a slide event.


              If you show any item, it remains visible until you hide it again. If you do custom actions on a slide, and you want the slide to appear in the same state as the first time when revisiting the slide, you'll have to do this also in a custom way. That is why I proposed to use the On Enter slide event (which is also availabel for quiz slides) to hide everything you want to hide.


              The Rewind button on the default playbar only navigates back to the first slide, it doesn't take care of everything you have changed on slides in a manual way. There are some exceptions:

              1. Knowledge Check slides are reset immediately after leaving the slide
              2. If you don't check the option 'Retain state on Revisit'(.' for multistate objects, they will reset to their Normal state, even though you have changed the state by an action on the slide
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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Captivate interactivity is 'event-driven' which means that you need to trigger the actions using some kind of screen event.  Clicking a button or Click Box is one type of event.  Each non-quiz slide has an event that fires when that slide enters the timeline.  It's called the On Slide Enter event and you can use it to execute a single action, Advanced Action, Conditional Action etc.


                In your case, you should use the On Slide Enter event of one of the earliest slides to execute an Advanced Action that HIDES all of the objects you use as custom feedback captions.  That way you won't see them after you rewind back to the beginning of your module.

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                  mnoemi Level 1

                  Thank you (both of you) for your responses&explanations!


                  So if I understand it well, we should verify if the option "Retain state on revisit" is checked and use the "On Enter slide event" on every single quiz slide or is it an option to check once and for all ?

                  I still have to search for the French terms for all these options (we use the french version of the software)


                  Thank you once again for your kind help, I didn't get any answer from the technical support for the moment.

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                    Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    No, there is some misunderstanding. If you used 'Show' actions, the option for multistate objects will not have any effect. You need to Hide the same items with ab advanced action. You can do it all at once, with one action on the first slide, or you can do it with an individual action On Enter for each slide. I mostly use the second approach, because I never expect the users to view slides in sequene on a second visit.


                    The Retain State should be UNCHECKED, if you want a multistate object to revert to its original state. From your question I see that you didn't use any multisate object.


                    I have a French version along with an English version. A slide = diapositive. 

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                      mnoemi Level 1

                      Oh, thank you for the clarification!

                      Having more than 40 question slides, I would prefer to add this action only once and then using it for every question slide in the future, if you know what I mean So you think it's possible to do it once and for all by using this option on the very first slide (or on the very first question slide) ?

                      Could you  please tell me the french term for "On Event Slide" ?


                      Thank you!!!!

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                        Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        You didn't give any clarification about how you set up the feedback messages. Which action do you use, how many messages do you have on a slide etc....


                        In most instances it is not possible to use the same action for different slides, because the ID (name) of the objects changes. I could propose several timesaving solutions, but first need the details I assked for.

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                          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          French version is on another system, which I cannot access at this moment. Here is a screenshot of the Properties panel of a slide (diapositive), Actions tab:



                          Je crois que "En Entrée " est la traduction. C'est le panneau de Propriétés d'une diapositive de Quiz. Les diapositives normales ont deux événéments, En Entrée et En Sorite. Pour les question il n'y a que "En Entrée"

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                            mnoemi Level 1

                            We checked with my colleague, the "Retain state on revisit" option is unchecked.


                            Here's how we set up the customized feedbacks:

                            - every feedback is a group of objects : text (saying bravo or incorrect answer) in a smart form and if the answer is positive, there's also an audio object

                            - the user has only one try to answer

                            -about the actions: if the user got it right, we have "execute advanced actions" and the script says: display the group of objects (text, smart form and audio) and then go to the next slide

                            - if the user gives an incorrect answer, the software also executes advances actions that display another group of objects (text&smart form) and that lets the user go on the next slide


                            So, when we try to rewind and return to the beginning of the module, these group of objects (bravo etc.) are already visible on the quiz slides.


                            I'm really looking forward to have your solutions, Lilybiri, thank you so much!

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                              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              I had hoped that each feedback was only one item. It would have been possinle: a shape (engilsh term for 'forme') can have text in it and you could have attached the audio clip to that shape. Shape can even be filled with an image.  Why? In that case you could have grouped both Success and Failure feedback in one group.


                              I would create a shared action (action partagée?)  to be reused on each slide. If you go with my suggestion of having only one group, it would have two commands and one parameter:

                                  Hide Gr_1      Gr_1 being the parameter



                              You can applay that action to each slide,  event On Enter, and have to choose the name of the group for the parameter.


                              If you need to keep both present groups Success and Failure, same, but with two commands and two parameters:

                                  Hide  Gr_Success_1

                                  Hide  Gr_Failure_1



                              You could use duplicate advanced actions, but the advantage of shared actions is that you can use the Usage button in the LIbrary to check if it is applied to each quiz slide. If you use a good naming system, applying the actions will not be long. Moreover that shared action can be reused in other projects.