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    Get Parent container to change child height on resize Event


      I've created a composite component called ResizableTextArea. The parent is an extended class of Canvas called ResizableCanvas. The child is an extended class of TextArea called myTextArea.

      In myTextArea, there's an update function that makes the textarea change it's height based on explicit height (how many lines it actually has). when you add text, the height expands for the new text. When you delete, the textarea's height shrinks to contain the text. Beautiful.

      Now, the parent, ResizeableCanvas, has a button that let's me drag the width. The child's width is set to 100% of parent so it resizes along with it. However, no matter what I try, when I resize the parent canvas, the child textarea will not update its height.

      I've tried everything I know and some, but nothing triggers the change. Please assist!