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      using the adobe spark programs to play around with some album artwork for a friend of mine releasing their first single...

      just wondering if the fonts chosen (if chosen) are copyrighted and we'd get into trouble with using them?


      How to get around this?

      Do you know of any other programs used for this kind of design that are usable for public release?




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Laura, if using the free version of Spark on web or iOS you can generally share the content hosted by Adobe, anywhere on-line or social media e.g. embedded in Facebook. This also promotes Adobe Spark. A premium version would include specific usage of fonts although I think print projects are not supported.


          Subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud are licenced for the use of Typekit Fonts via their subscriptions. Again there can be difficulties with print projects but these are technical and customers can use Adobe In Design. By exporting from ID to PDF the fonts get embedded in the PDF document.


          The link below my help with Spark questions but if using Typekit we could move your question to that forum and there may be someone over there who can offer additional help.


          Adobe Spark – Adobe Spark Knowledge Base

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            The general answer:

            Fonts are copyrighted and may only be used in accordance with your license agreement. This may or my not include the use or embedding in web projects.


            For Adobe Spark, please read this:

            Can I use my Spark project for commercial purposes? – Adobe Spark Knowledge Base


            Soundtracks and fonts provided by Adobe may be used in Spark Videos for commercial purposes.