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    Repeating Bookmark links in project


      I am having this strange issue with a few different RH projects I am working on. With certain bookmarks, the system will create this repeating miasma of links that repeat the bookmarks over and over again. 


      For instance:


      topic#Bookmark leads to topic#bookmark#bookmark and then topic#bookmark#bookmark#bookmark and so on.


      Trying to open the affected projects becomes bogged down in this recursive hell of bookmarks. The main issue is that this results in an error for each instance of the this problem:



      Here is a screen shot of me trying to update the help. This was after about 20 minutes of clicking 'OK' to the error above.



      I have recently deleted these files, but they appear in my locally saved copy of the project as well.


      Now, our team uses SharePoint, with copies of the project saved locally on our machine. For whatever reason, this keeps happening to projects I generate.


      Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?