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    Dreamweaver is not ablte to edit any wordpress .php files

    jessicaw27744505 Level 1




      I´m having a hard time setting up my Wordpress site in Dreamweaver properly.


      I´m on a windows machine using the latest DW 2018 build and xampp.

      I want to edit my website which is already online, directly in Dreamweaver on my local computer. It is a wordpress webpage running on a PHP 7.0 hosting server with the Avada theme.


      In DW I created a site with an ftp remote connection to my website, as well as a test server connected to the localhost, both connections were successfully established according to DW.

      I have exported the database from the website and imported it in a new database in xampp, edited the wp-config and I can find all database folders in the Webassist database panel. Everything looks fine.


      However, when I try to open a php site in DW, I can´t edit anything.

      The error-code "Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server." is popping up all the time.

      In the design view I always get the error "Direct script access denied".


      What could be the problem? A forum user from devshed told me that it could be the way I´m setting up the remote does not have write permissions. How can I fix that?


      One other thing that I noticed is that when I try to download the files from webhost to localhost within DW with the arrow down icon, the download always stops after a short time and I have to download all the content manually with filezilla.


      I hope you guys can help me! This is really urgent!