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    Migration Question

    MontyMontgomery Level 2

      Thanks to Victoria Bampton and the discovery that I can search for keyworded pictures using "and" and "or" I'm ready to migrate my Classic library to CC


      First a little background then the question.

      I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB disk.  When home I connect the Mac to an external raid with about 900,000 GB of photos.  I've read Adobe's article about migration:


      Migrate photos and videos from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC


      The article states:

      "The migration process creates a copy of your images. If you're running low on space on an internal drive on your computer, you might want to connect an external hard-drive and specify a location on it as the custom location."

      No problem, I can point CC's storage location to my raid. I have a lot of room there.


      Now for the question:
      Once I start the migration, will my Mac have to be connected to the external raid 100% of the time until the migration complete?.  In Adobe's words, "This step may take a while to complete."  I envision this taking many hours or even days?  And that is not a problem, but I am always on the road with my Mac.  Will I have to leave the Mac home????