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    Too many activations


      I am so tried of trying to get help with this problem. I have checked the forum and according to what I read, they say just get in touch with customer service and tell them to reset the ID. How on earth do you do that when there is no way to get in touch with them? I haven't seen where anyone has gotten help with this problem. I cannot open my 1400 books now on my new tablet with the ebook reader that I normally use because of "too many activations". As for getting help from Adobe, they are useless!! They won't help if the app is free. So what do you do? How can this be fixed?


      Any one have an answer to this?

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          RogerOsborn Level 1



          Try this, it might work!

          Contact customer service chat on this link:




          Note:  it looks like for this to work you must NOT be signed in to your adobe account!  If you are signed in you get directed to this forum.


          So go to the above link.
          You should see a place to sign in with a blue button below,  enter your details but Do Not click the blue
          button.  Below the blue button is a clear button with Get Help inside, click that and you should go to the chat page.  Type your request in the provided box, click Send Message and wait for a reply.


          Good Luck

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            I don't know if you have any bought books, but....since I can't solve this problem either....I am thinking of making a new account....for ADE. It is not a solution. but if you're like me, I only had about 10 books on the ADE library ( and now I have 700! and it won't open up.) Have to think about how to do it, I have been borrowing library books at a free service....let me know if you have any good ideas.

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              lenaf85451114 Level 1

              I gave it another try, left the ADE library open, and did other things, and all at once I could delete all those other activations (books) that I had borrowed. So give it a try....you have more than I did. But it is now back to normal.  phhhhh ....am I glad.

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                I opened a new email account and then opened a new ADE account using this new email.

                I then erased my exiting ADE ID by taking the following steps:

                • Open Windows Registry by using the command prompt and typing 'regedit' or by opening the start menu and searching for 'regedit'.
                • Search for the following folder:
                • Delete the 'Activation' folder 

                I then restarted ADE, went to "Help", Erase computer authorisation, entered my new ID (i.e. my new email address) and the password I'd set up with this in my ADE Account. This allowed me to erase the computer authorisation.

                I then reauthorised the computer using my new ADE ID.

                I then connected my Kobo and authorised it on ADE

                Now finally, after 2 months' frustration and searching the internet, with little help from ADE I might add, I can again borrow books on my Kobo!

                Hope this all makes sense

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                  lenaf85451114 Level 1

                  This sounds like a good solution. As I said above, my adobe digital editions started working properly, but otherwise I am sure that I would have done as you suggested. I hope the other user with this problem can use it as well. I shall send it on, if I can via the email I received. Thanks I shall keep a copy of your solution as well. you never know when it might be useful. Thanks

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                    After several attempts and a lot of time waiting for an answers, it works