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    Re-Activation of Illustrator CS3


      My system did an update to Windows 10 and now my Illustrator won't start up.  This is CS3, which is ancient, but it is all I need and I paid some $1000 for it when I got it, so I just need to get it going again.


      I went through an uninstall / re-install and it gave me a new serial number, but when I re-installed the program (using the link to an install file they provided) when I tried to start it up it already had the old serial and activation numbers.  It then says I need an "authorization code" to activate it.  I have tried all the online resources and the calling center, and nobody can help.  My most recent call with the help center directed me to this forum and said to post the question here.  Seems like along shot to me, but apparently the Adobe helpline can't help fix problems with their own software.


      Could someone please help me with how to acquire this Authorization Code"?  I am frozen without it and can't do any work at all.